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Why Choose a General Dentist for Your Root Canal Treatment

When the nerve or pulp of a tooth becomes infected or inflamed, it can lead to serious pain and sensitivity that eventually requires a root canal. A root canal is performed by drilling through the nerve and pulp to remove infected tissue, and placing a cap or dental crown over the top of the tooth to stabilize it and secure it. Root canals can be a valuable treatment option for those with infections that are not treated by antibiotics. While you have the option to see an endodontist for a root canal, your family dentist at Waterside Dental in Venice offers you the following benefits.

Faster Treatment

Because an endodontist is a specialist and often has patients referred to their offices, it can be difficult to get an appointment quickly. When severe tooth pain is a concern, you want to receive treatment as quickly as possible, and we do our best to get you in as fast as we can. We want to minimize your pain and discomfort while removing any infection as quickly as possible.


The majority of root canals done in the United States are done by general dentists, which means that family dentists often have more experience in dealing with the problems associated with an infected tooth. Our dentists are well-versed in the best ways to perform a root canal and determining which patients are good candidates for one.


An appointment with a specialist is often more expensive, both for you and for your insurance company. Root canals may cost less when they are performed by a general dentist.


You are comfortable at your family dentist for regular check-ups and exams, why not visit our office for a root canal.  Root canals can cause patients some anxiety and stress; therefore, a familiar face and atmosphere can help to calm your nerves.

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