Benefits of a Root Canal - Venice, FL

Important Signs That You May Benefit From a Root Canal

A root canal might sound like a scary form of treatment but patients being treated at Waterside Dental in Venice know they have nothing to fear. Our skilled, compassionate care team is here to make improving dental health simple and comfortable. Root canals are valuable treatment solutions that help heal teeth by clearing away harmful infection. Once the infection has been treated, the tooth and surrounding tissue can recover successfully. Tooth loss can be prevented and patients can experience less oral pain thanks to root canal therapy.

Know What to Watch for

A course of treatment can only be recommended once a dentist has examined a patient. However, there are some signs that can indicate the need for a root canal.

• Sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures; this sensitivity likely continues even after the food or drink is no longer present
• Tooth pain that has no apparent cause
• Tooth discoloration, especially darkening
• Persistent tooth pain that disrupts sleeping and concentration
• Extreme tooth pain when chewing or other pressure is applied
• Throbbing pain in the mouth
• Pain that radiates to the jaw, mouth, neck, and face
• Gum sensitivity and inflammation

Take Tooth Pain Seriously

Pain is the central symptom of the kind of infections that root canal therapy treats. Bacteria that have collected on the teeth can gradually cause inflammation in the gum tissue; this is a primary symptom of gum disease. Infection can also start as a result of tooth injury. The painful infection will continue to spread and cause other problems for the patient until the damaged tissue is treatment. Treatment does not necessarily require the removal of the infected tooth; in many cases, once the infection is cleared out the tooth will recover.

Talk to Your Dentist

If you have concerns about tooth discoloration and persistent pain, call Waterside Dental to schedule an appointment with a dentist. Root canal therapy is a very effective form of treatment and can be conducted right in our Venice office.