Oral Cancer - Port Charlotte, FL

3 Easy Ways to Show Support for Oral Cancer Awareness Month

April is a beautiful time of year that often brings with it lots of rain and flowers. It is also an important time to remember those who suffer from oral cancer in Port Charlotte, FL. While the number of people who suffer from oral cancer might be smaller than, say, those with breast cancer, it is still a devastating disease that should not affect as many people as it does. At Waterside Dental in Port Charlotte, we have a few ideas on how everyone can get in on Oral Cancer Awareness Month.

1. Have a Dental Checkup

When was the last time you had a screening for oral cancer? When was your last checkup? If you are having trouble remembering the last time you saw the dentist, then April is a great time to schedule a checkup. Your dental professional can determine how long it has been since your last cancer screening. If necessary, you can have a screening at your next visit. It takes hardly any time and can put your mind at rest.

2. Take Your Family for Dental Checkups

While you are scheduling dental visits for yourself, why not set some up for the entire family? Children should have regular checkups to monitor the growth of their teeth and jaw so corrections can be made while they are still growing. Adults should have regular checkups to monitor for gum disease and other dental issues that show up even when you brush and floss every day.

3. Show Off Burgundy and White

Burgundy and white are the awareness colors for oral and pharynx cancers. If you have already had your dental checkups recently but still want to bring attention to the importance of oral cancer screenings, then you can make a point to wear or show off burgundy and white in some form. For more information on oral cancer or to schedule your next visit, contact the office at Waterside Dental today.