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Properly Brushing Your Teeth

How to Brush Your Teeth the Right Way

You might think that any sort of brushing of your teeth gets the job done, but this is not necessarily true. Whenever you visit your dentist in Port Charlotte, FL, you can ask about proper brushing technique – because there actually is a right and wrong way to do it. It is not enough to quickly run a brush over your teeth and call it quits. When you go to brush your teeth each morning and night, make sure you set aside a few minutes to do it the right way.

The Brushing Method

Use a soft-bristled toothbrush when you go to brush your teeth. You will need to clean the entire exposed surface of each of your teeth – including those hard-to-reach molars in the back. Using short strokes back and forth, brush the outside of every tooth. Next, still using short strokes back and forth, up and down, clean the back side of your teeth. For molars or those with large chewing surfaces, clean these next with the same short, smooth strokes.

Other Parts of the Mouth

It is not just your teeth that are affected every time you eat. Your tongue also tends to harbor a lot of bacteria over time. If you want to get your mouth thoroughly clean, you should brush your tongue as well. If you are really interested in getting your tongue clean, you might also consider investing in a tongue scraper.

Visit Your Dentist

Even when taking meticulous care of your teeth, you still need professional dental treatment from your dentist. If you get any sort of plaque buildup or tartar on your teeth, brushing is not going to get rid of it – you need a cleaning by a dental hygienist. Contact our office at Waterside Dental in Port Charlotte to schedule your next checkup with your new dentist today.