Why Choose Dental Crowns - Pinellas Park, FL

Are Crowns Right for You

Many times, patients will have several options for correcting a problem with their smiles. One of the most common treatments individuals ask about at Waterside Dental are dental crowns.

Why You May Need a Dental Crown

Dental crowns have a number of cosmetic benefits. A dental professional can craft your crown to look just like the tooth it is going over. If you decide to have your crown made out of porcelain, then you can be confident it will retain its brightness for many years. Crowns also serve a number of restorative functions. For example, a good candidate for a crown will be someone who has just undergone a root canal. After this treatment, the tooth will be severely weakened, but a crown gives it strength and makes it easier to chew and speak.

Other good candidates for crowns include people who have a severely decayed tooth. Sometimes a filling will not be enough to correct the issue, so a crown needs to be given. Crowns are also used to support a dental bridge or to hold together a tooth that is extremely cracked.

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