Root Canal Importance - Pinellas Park, FL

Importance of Root Canal Treatment

Let’s face it.  Most people do not look forward to a trip to the dentist.  In fact, studies show that unless the situation is desperate the average person would rather deal with a moderate toothache than schedule an appointment with the dentist.  That’s no big deal, right?  Wrong.  A toothache is a warning sign that a problem exists with the tooth and it’s most likely reached the nerve so immediate treatment is necessary.

How Do You Know You Need A Root Canal?

If you suffer from a consistent toothache or one that is getting progressively worse you are probably in need of a root canal.  Only your dentist can tell you for sure.  You may have a tooth with decay that has not reached the nerve. In this case a root canal might not be needed immediately, however, it will need to be monitored closely to watch for progression of the decay.  If the decay has reached the tooth nerve, a root canal will be necessary to eliminate the infected dental nerve.  The tooth nerve may need a root canal for several reasons including:

  • Advanced decay located near or into the tooth nerve
  • An exposed nerve due to a cracked or broken tooth
  • A traumatized tooth that has suffered permanent damage to the nerve  

The Importance of Root Canal Treatment

Despite the fact that you may not want to schedule a dental appointment for a root canal, do not delay treatment.  A good dentist will always try to save the tooth but if treatment is delayed too long , the tooth might be too severely damaged and need to be extracted.  This introduces a number of other problems relating to a missing tooth.  Chewing food will become more challenging and certain foods will be uncomfortable to eat.  Several options are available including dental bridges.  Unless the tooth is replaced, however, you will suffer bone loss where the tooth once was.  A dental implant can replace a missing tooth however this is a complex and often times expensive procedure.  

Proper Root Canal Therapy

The first step in proper root canal therapy is to seek immediate treatment from a qualified dentist.  At Waterside Dental we will conduct a thorough examination of the tooth and present you with a detailed evaluation and diagnosis of the problem.  Once it has been determined that a root canal is necessary to save the tooth then you will receive treatment with the latest technology in order to completely eliminate the diseased and decayed tissue.  Next, the tooth will be restored back to its natural appearance with a tooth colored filling or dental crown.  After the procedure is over your tooth will look, feel and perform just as it did before.  If you’re suffering from a toothache and think you may need a root canal don’t hesitate to contact our dentists at Waterside Dental to schedule an appointment today!