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Child Safety Awareness Month: Quick Guide to Family Dental Services

Part of your family’s healthcare routine should involve regular visits to the dentist’s office. November is Child Safety Awareness Month, and there are a number of things you can do as a parent to ensure you and your child have every advantage possible. Frequent visits to the dentist can help you and your family have healthy teeth and gums so that you do not have to worry about undergoing additional treatments.

Services Offered

The staff at Waterside Dental in North Port, FL is skilled in numerous different services that are beneficial at any age. Some of the treatments we offer your family include:

• Dental cleaning and exam
Sedation dentistry
• Dental crowns
• Gum disease treatment

Importance of These Services

Everyone should get an examination from a professional dentist once every six months. The reason for this frequency is that it is preferable to catch a problem developing in your mouth than have to treat it after it has fully formed. Our dentist can also recommend any changes to your family’s daily oral hygiene routine if it is apparent that they are not brushing and flossing every day.

You or a member of your family may be afraid of visiting the dentist. This is completely normal. Our staff offers oral sedation to keep you and your family members calm throughout the duration of the procedure.

Dental crowns are typically given to children or adults with tooth decay too severe to treat with a filling. In the event a significant amount of bacteria has developed, some of the symptoms associated with gum disease may start displaying. These symptoms include toothaches, halitosis and inflamed gums. Regular dental visits are crucial because they allow our dentists to catch early signs of gingivitis, so it can be treated sooner.

Bring Your Family in Soon

We are here to be your go-to family dentist. Waterside Dental in North Port, FL offers a wide range of dental services, and we will do everything possible to make you and your family feel at ease. Schedule your next appointment by giving us a call.