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National Hydration Day: How Drinking Water Protects Your Teeth and Dental Crowns

June 23rd is National Hydration Day and it is the perfect time to remind yourself of all the benefits that come from drinking plenty of water. One aspect you may not have considered is the health of your teeth and gums. Adequate hydration provides many benefits for your teeth, gums, and dental crowns. Along with drinking enough water, visiting a dentist regularly for cleanings and examinations also helps keep your teeth and gums healthy. The expert dental professionals at Waterside Dental in North Port can help you learn how to take care of your oral health through hydration and hygiene.

Why Water Is So Important

While you may enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in the morning or a glass of wine with dinner, the vast majority of your hydration should come from water. Drinking enough water helps with your digestion and overall health, and it can also protect your oral health by reducing the amount of food particles that can get stuck in your teeth and dental crowns. Juice, soda, and sports drinks all contain a large amount of sugar that can contribute to cavities, gum disease, and tooth decay, so water is the absolute best option for hydration.

When to Drink Water

It is important to follow your doctor’s recommendation for how much water you should drink every day. You should make sure to always drink enough water following meals and snacks to help flush away any leftover food particles that could contribute to cavities. It is also important to drink water after consuming sugary drinks to help balance out the extra sugar and prevent it from bonding to your teeth and encouraging bacterial growth.

Schedule an Appointment

While you are celebrating National Hydration Day with a glass of water, it is a good time to schedule a checkup with an expert dentist in North Port, FL. Call Waterside Dental today to schedule an appointment with one of our caring professionals and learn how to care for your teeth and gums for a lifetime of good oral health.