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Sleep apnea affects More Than 18 million Americans

Has Sleep Become a Challenge for You?

Sleep apnea can affect every aspect of your life, not just the time you are asleep. If you know you have sleep apnea, or think you might, please contact Waterside Dental in Sarasota. Relief could be as close as your family dentist, Dr. Michael Childers, who has the training and experience to help you find solutions to this common problem.

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Sleep apnea, or obstructive sleep apnea, occurs when the breathing passageways are compromised during sleep. This blocks the body from being able to receive air, and causes sudden snoring. Episodes of air blockages can occur a few times an hour, to more than 40 times an hour in severe cases. Not only does this prevent the brain from receiving oxygen, but it disturbs the body and hinders natural rest.

Many people have sleep apnea, but never realize it. Instead, they attribute their lack of sleep to normal snoring and ignore common symptoms.

  • Waking suddenly from sleep with the feeling of being choked or unable to get air.
  • Feeling tired in the morning, even after getting eight or more hours of sleep.
  • Waking with from snoring with a scratchy and/or dry throat.
  • Starting to fall asleep during the day, even while doing tasks like driving a car or operating machinery.

Comfortable Sleep Apnea Treatment Options

Sleep Apnea appliance - Sarasota, FL

Every case is unique and personalized, but some of the more common solutions for sleep apnea sufferers include:

  • CPAP Machines
    These machines use a comfortable mask worn by the sleeper. The mask delivers air into the body gently and repeatedly throughout sleep. Although CPAP machines can take some time to get used to, they are seen as a dependable method of resolving many sleep apnea problems.
  • Dental Appliances
    Dr. Childers may recommend that you have a special dental appliance made to address your sleep apnea. This appliance should be worn at night to keep your mouth open and your palate from falling into the back of your throat.

Sleep Apnea is Serious – Learn Why

Download our guide on, "How Sleep Apnea Affects Your Health" and talk to us today about your sleep apnea related concerns. Make an appointment with Dr. Childers at Waterside Dental, located in Sarasota.

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