Oral Surgery Sarasota, FL

Experienced Oral Surgery in Your Family Dental Office

Why Go To Another Office?

Having to go to a new provider for your oral surgery needs not only takes time, but it can be inconvenient. At Waterside Dental in Sarasota, we have eliminated the need for patients to be referred to oral surgeons by offering extractions and other oral surgery procedures in-house. See what patients are saying about our doctor’s gentle touch, and make your appointment at Waterside Dental today.

The Proof is in Our Patients

Comfortable, Convenient Extractions

Tooth extractions, including wisdom tooth extractions, are sometimes necessary. Some indicators that one or more of your teeth should be surgically removed include:

  • The tooth is impacted and causing pain.
  • The tooth has decayed significantly and cannot be repaired.
  • The tooth has suffered trauma and needs to be removed.
  • The tooth is very loose because of bone loss and will fall out.

Ignoring warning signs can lead to serious complications

If Dr. Childers believes you need tooth extraction services, he will create a personalized plan to not only remove the tooth, but offer alternatives for a permanent tooth replacement.

Trusted Oral Surgery Treatment

Dr. Michael Childers has practiced for over 30 years, and is highly-trained in oral surgery techniques. Whether you need a wisdom tooth removal, or require a tooth extraction, our team at Waterside Dental in Sarasota provides a variety of convenient oral surgery treatment options to ease your pain and restore your health.

Painless Extractions Are Possible With Sedation Dentistry

Do you have a fear of the dentist, certain procedures or experience dental anxiety during treatment? Our office provides extensive sedation dentistry options, including IV sedation administered by Dr. Childers, to increase your comfort. Download our guide on "The Advantages of Sedation Dentistry" to learn more.