Oral Surgery Port Charlotte Promenades, FL

Why Go to Another Dental Office for Oral Surgery?

Waterside Dental Provides Comprehensive Oral Surgery Options

Although many dentists refer patients who need oral surgery to other providers, our team at Waterside Dental has the expertise to perform oral surgery onsite in the comfort of our Port Charlotte office. This allows you to enjoy a less stressful, more efficient experience when you need oral surgery.

Learn what our patients are saying about Waterside Dental, and make your appointment to talk about oral surgery today.

The Proof is in Our Patients

Wisdom Tooth Extractions Performed Onsite

At Waterside Dental, we perform all our wisdom tooth extractions onsite under customized sedation treatments. Our facility is completely equipped to safely remove your wisdom teeth and provide you with exceptional after-care. If you believe your wisdom teeth may need to be removed, please contact us now for an appointment with Dr. Kiwan.

Some indicators that one or more of your teeth should be surgically removed include:

  • There is not enough room for their wisdom teeth
  • Wisdom teeth have become impacted
  • Pain or bite issues have resulted from wisdom teeth
  • Wisdom teeth have become partially erupted and push other teeth

Signs That You May Need Tooth Extraction Services

Whether you are experiencing these signs at the site of your wisdom teeth, or with other teeth, you should always call us to determine if you might need to have a tooth or teeth extracted:

  • The tooth is very loose and decayed
  • The tooth is impacted
  • The tooth has not erupted and is pushing other teeth out of alignment
  • The tooth is severely cracked to the tooth root

Wisdom Teeth Can Cause More Than Discomfort

Why live with discomfort when you can conveniently have your tooth extracted by your dental provider? At Waterside Dental, we offer comprehensive oral surgery options so there is no need for you to visit with an oral surgeon. Call us for an appointment to evaluate your situation.

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