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Replace Missing Teeth & Restore Your Health with Dental Implants

Embarrassed by Missing teeth?

When you lose a tooth near the back of your mouth it might not bother you at first but your surrounding teeth will start to drift out of place.

Leaving tooth loss untreated can change your facial structure and lead to a, ‘sunken’ appearance. If missing teeth are causing you embarrassment or you would like to regain full function of your mouth, Waterside Dental can help.

You might be missing a tooth as a result of:

The Proof is in Our Patients

Discover Why Dental Implants are the Leading Tooth Replacement

Replacing Your Missing Teeth

If you want to replace your missing teeth while adding stability to your bite with a permanent and long-term solution, you could be the ideal candidate to receive dental implants.

The titanium implant post is surgically placed in your jaw bone to preserve your bone levels and provide a stable foundation for the dental crown that will replace your original tooth.

Even patients that suffer with low bone volume can benefit from dental implants after receiving a bone graft from Dr. Marquez in the comfort and convenience of our friendly office. There is no need to be referred out to an oral surgeon.

Benefits of Dental Implants vs. Dentures

While dentures can replace your missing teeth, they also do not feel or function like your natural teeth and they do not preserve your jaw bone.

Dentures require regular repair and replacement over time and can become loose or fall out when you are depending on them.

Consider the benefits:

  • Fill gaps in your smile
  • Boost self-confidence and increase self-esteem
  • Restore facial structure
  • Preserve your jaw bone
  • Return to eating all of your favorite foods
  • Speak with confidence
  • Save adjacent teeth from drifting and breaking
  • Create a natural looking smile

A Life-Changing Decision

Add stability to your smile and change your life with dental implants at Waterside Dental. Dr. Marquez commits herself to staying up-to-date with continuing education courses and offers sedation dentistry for our patients with dental anxiety. Be sure to check out our amazing before and after photos and contact our office to schedule your appointment today!

Concerned About the Cost of Your Dental Implants?

Download your guide for everything you need to know about the cost of undergoing a tooth implant procedure.