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Restoring Smiles With Crowns and Bridges

Natural-Looking Tooth Restoration Procedures with Lasting Results

If you have teeth that are damaged or worn down, we can strengthen the tooth structure and restore your bite with a crown or bridge. At Waterside Dental in Pinellas Park, Dr. Nadine Al-Hammali offers custom tooth restoration procedures and performs everything in-house. We use high-quality, durable materials and the latest techniques to ensure lasting results.


If you have had a tooth extraction, undergone root canal therapy or just want to improve the appearance of your smile, talk to us about restorative dentistry.

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How Dental Crowns Can Help

We can create a custom crown to be ‘capped’ over a damaged or weakened tooth. We may also cap the tooth with a dental crown after a root canal or as part of a dental implant restoration. These are shaped, colored and customized like your natural teeth and may be used for both cosmetic and restorative purposes.

Bridges Vs. Dental Implants

Many patients wonder what the key differences are between getting a dental bridge or a dental implant. Dr. Al-Hammali may recommend either, depending on your situation.

While bridges provide cosmetic fixes, dental implants bond with the jawbone so there is no risk of them slipping. They fill the gap as a bridge would, but are designed to function just like your natural tooth because they are attached below the gum line. We can discuss the benefits of each procedure during your personalized consultation!

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