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Remove Infection, Relieve Pain, Restore Function

We Care About Your Comfort

When people hear they may need a root canal, they often feel nervous anticipating pain or discomfort. When you are a patient at Waterside Dental in Bradenton, there is no need to be afraid of a painful procedure because we utilize gentle techniques and offer sedation dentistry for our patients with dental anxiety.

We care about your comfort and your health so if our dentist recommends a root canal it is to ultimately save your tooth from extraction, and to help alleviate pain.

If left untreated, an infected tooth can lead to a painful and dangerous abscess

The Waterside Patient Experience

Do I Really Need a Root Canal?

You might need a root canal if you have infection in your tooth that has reached the inner most part of the pulp chamber. This infection can lead to tooth loss or even reach down through the root of your tooth to infect your jawbone.

Abscesses can cause a build-up of pressure and extreme pain, if left untreated, complications with infections can even become life threatening. An infected tooth will not heal on its own and will only get worse with time. It is vital to seek treatment immediately.

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What to Expect

With experienced care offered at your family dental office, it is not necessary to be referred out to an endodontist. We can save your tooth in the comfort and convenience of our office. There is no need for repeat paperwork and costly consultation fees at an additional office. You will be thoroughly numbed to ensure your comfort throughout your entire procedure, and may be sedated based on your situation.

For your health, it is important that you treat all symptoms of potential tooth infections seriously

To restore the health of your tooth and avoid an extraction, our team will remove the infection and possibly restore the shape and structure of your tooth with a custom dental crown.

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