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How Bad is Going to Sleep Without Brushing Your Teeth?

If you have ever come home late from a party or forgotten to pack your toothbrush for a camping trip, you have probably asked yourself the following question: “Is it really that bad to go to sleep without brushing my teeth?”

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. While you may get away with one or two nights without brushing your teeth and not notice any consequences, repeated failure to brush your teeth at night can damage your teeth and make you more susceptible to oral disease. Ask any dentist in Bradenton, FL, if nighttime brushing is essential for oral health, and you will hear a resounding “Yes!”

What Happens When You Don’t Brush Your Teeth at Night?

There is a good reason the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends brushing your teeth twice each day. While brushing first thing in the morning helps to remove the buildup of bacteria that happens overnight, brushing at night removes the buildup of bacteria that occurs throughout the day.

Each time you enjoy a beverage or eat a meal, small particles of food remain behind. These particles stick to the teeth and gums and are fed on by naturally-occurring oral bacteria. Unfortunately, oral bacteria release substances on the teeth that are known to cause tooth decay. If harmful bacteria secretions are left on the teeth overnight, they can cause cavities and can even contribute to the development of gum disease.

Your body is even more susceptible to nighttime tooth decay because it does not produce as much saliva when you are sleeping as it does when you are awake. Since saliva contains elements that neutralize plaque acids and prevent tooth decay, it is even more important to brush at night when saliva production is at its lowest level.

What if You Have Gone Weeks Without Nighttime Brushing?

If you are already dealing with the damage caused by lack of nighttime brushing, it is time to see your dentist in Bradenton, FL. To schedule an appointment at a leading dental clinic in Bradenton, call Waterside Dental today.